Earthwood Building School
West Chazy, New York

    Earthwood Building School of West Chazy, NY, has conducted one- to five-day workshops in Cordwood Masonry and Earth Sheltered Housing since 1981, with "Timber Framing for the Rest of Us" workshops added in 2004.  

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, including an important new link to Rob's Cordwood Masonry Q and A page - and the first announcement of CoCoCo/15 to be held at Earthwood in July of 2015 -  see Newsletter. See also our revamped books and media page. For our new 2014 Workshop Schedule, in New York and in Wisconsin (June 24-28) click on Workshops and/or Registration . (As of May 28, Wisconsin is full.)

   Private cordwood masonry workshops available. Again, see Newsletter.

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    Earthwood is a small "mom and pop" business run by Rob and Jaki Roy. Rob, active in the alternative building field for 35 years, is the author of fifteen owner-building books and has conducted hundreds of workshops at Earthwood and throughout the world. Together, Rob and Jaki have built Log End Cottage, Log End Cave, Earthwood, Mushwood and several other cordwood buildings. Jaki instructs at the hands-on sessions and keeps the school running smoothly from behind the scenes. We have five photo album pages on this website: sauna, earth-sheltered housing, workshop images, cordwood masonry, and cordwood special effects.

   Through its course offerings, books, videos, CDs, building plans and conferences, Earthwood strives to promote an integrated approach to home design, emphasizing energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and responsible stewardship of natural resources.

Why order books and videos direct from Earthwood?

1. Rob Roy's books are signed by the author. Big deal. But see next item.

2. Roy's Cordwood, Underground, Stone Circle and Timber Framing books are the textbooks for our workshops. If you purchase them from Earthwood - we know, because they are signed - and then decide to take a workshop, you get a full deduction of the book cost from your registration.

3. You help support small business instead of big business ... so that we can stay in business!

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Check out our Earthwood  tour and interview videos, filmed in two parts      (63 and 67 minutes each). Click on Links to access these programs.