Cordwood Masonry

Rob’s Cordwood Masonry Q and A pageFor several years, Rob has been doing an Ask Our Experts Question and Answers page on Kelly Hart’s excellent website. In that time, Rob has answered hundreds of cordwood masonry questions, on topics including: Where to Build, Types of Wood to Use, Where to Find Cordwood, Foundations, Appropriate Mortar and Methods, To Seal or Not to Seal, Structural Considerations, Code and Permit Issues, and much more. When you get to the Cordwood Masonry Q and A page, click on a cordwood masonry topic of interest to you.

Daycreek Alan Stankevitz started Daycreek many years ago, and it is still the best forum on the web about cordwood masonry. Lots of good images, too.

CordwoodWorkshopBlog … from recent students, Nate and Denise Barker. The quickest way to get to the part about the cordwood workshop in September of 2012 is to go straight to the end of the 2012 blog, and then scroll up to October 1, 2012: Cordwood Catch-up. There are a couple of short video clips and lots of good pictures and comments.

The Cordwood on Pinewood. Cory and Heather built their beautiful cordwood cabin in Minnesota in 2010. Start at the link given. Then, at the Blog Archive on the right side of the page,click on March 2 and then work your way up taking you all the way to the present day.

Hometown Cable program. Calvin Castine and Gordie Little from Home Town Cable network came to Earthwood in Autumn, 2014 , and made this nice unedited 1-hour video. Enjoy.

Cordwood Flooring. Interested in an endgrain floor? This company, Kaswell in Massachusetts, supplies a variety of different styles. 

Also, be sure to search cordwood masonry on Google and Youtube.

Earth-sheltered Housing

Troglodium Friend Robert from Quebec has created this new website, with several different pages about his earth-sheltered cordwood home. The back wall of cordwood masonry is curved and looks really nice. He has pages on: Troglodytics (very entertaining), Earth Sheltering, Cordwood, and My Earth Home.

Earthwood on Facebook

Earthwood Facebook. Thanks to Jaki, we now have a good Facebook page. She keeps it up to date, has event schedules, and plenty of new pictures. You can like us at Earthwood Facebook.

Earthwood video tours

Coming in October. Watch this space.