2014 Workshop Calendar at Earthwood Building School, West Chazy, New York
   May 19-21, 2014        Timber Framing                         3-day Timber Framing Workshop          Completed
   May 23-25, 2014
        Cordwood Masonry                         3-day Cordwood Workshop           Completed
   May 26, 2014              Earthwood Techniques                    1-day Earthwood Techniques         Completed
   July 14-18, 2014          Cordwood Workweek                     5-day Cordwood Workshop           Completed
   Aug 29-31, 2014   Cordwood Masonry                                3-day Cordwood Workshop            Available
   September 1, 2014     Earthwood Techniques                   1-day Earthwood Techniques           Available
                     New listing! Near Brunswick, Maine, September 16-18, 2014

  Sept. 16-18, 2014   Cordwood Masonry  Brunswick, ME    3-day Cordwood Workshop              Available

                                 Tuition rates for all workshops are listed on the Register for Workshops page.  

  Workshop Descriptions   

   Cordwood Masonry - Three Days, (see dates above.). Morning sessions include cordwood theory, slide presentations, explanatory tours, and discussion of the three styles of cordwood construction: built-up corners (stackwall), round houses, and cordwood as infilling within a post-and-beam framework. The kinds of wood and how long to dry them is covered, as well as various alternative mortar mixes. Installing doors and windows is detailed, as is cordwood masonry "special effects." At Earthwood, students examine several different kinds of cordwood masonry buildings. Afternoons are reserved for practical, hands-on work sessions. At Earthwood, the project will be cordwood infilling at a timber framed building just a half mile from Earthwood. At the Maine workshop in September, the project is cordwood infilling within a small 10' by 10' timber frame. . This workshop gives the student a strong introduction to this ancient building technique. Textbook: Cordwood Building.

  Earthwood Techniques - One Day.  (In 2014: May 26 & September 1 in NY) Low-cost foundations and earth-sheltering methods used at the Earthwood house are emphasized, accenting surface bonded wall construction and plank-and-beam roofing. The five elements that affect load calculations are discussed. Alternative foundations, drainage and waterproofing, insulation, structural considerations and the masonry stove are all covered. An explanatory tour of the Earthwood house is included, as well as a step-by-step slide presentation documenting the construction of Earthwood from floating slab foundation to earth roof.  Textbook: Earth-Sheltered Houses. This is a very full day, consisting of mostly classroom instruction. Like all of our workshops, sessions are punctuated by Jaki's excellent coffee and tea breaks featured home-baked goodies, and her hearty vegetarian lunches. (In NY only. We provide coffee breaks and lunches at other workshops, too, but not Jaki's.)

   Cordwood Workweek - Five Days, July 14-18, 2014. The Cordwood Workweek combines all of the features of of the three-day Cordwood Workshop and the One-day Earthwood Techniques workshop, but there is more time for individual hands-on instruction and consultations. The discussions and site work are more detailed, yet the pace is more relaxed. After lunch on Wednesday, for example, we tour two cordwood homes on the way to Chateaugay Lake, then relax with swimming, hot-tubbing, conversation, and individual consultations on the deck at Mushwood. The project will be cordwood infilling within a new 20-sided cordwood home adjacent to Earthwood.

   Timber Framing for the Rest of Us - Three Days (May 19-21 in NY). This one covers basic "post and beam" construction as done by most contractors and owner-builders using sound building design and techniques and readily available mechanical fasteners made for  the purpose. Morning classroom sessions cover structural principles and examples, including basic load calculations. Afternoon  hands-on work consist of building a 6-poster guest house, similar to the building described in Chapter 4 of Rob's The Sauna book.  The roof is 12' by 16'.  The textbook, supplied, is Rob's Timber Framing for the Rest of Us.   
     Tuition rates
for all workshops are listed on the Register for Workshops page. 

Accommodation at Earthwood (see pictures at left)

La Casita, Straw Bale Cottage, Hermit's Hut
   There are now
four guesthouses at Earthwood.  Cordwood Cabin (La Casita) is small, about 100 square feet of interior space, and features four of the world's largest log-ends, at 52" diameter. Straw Bale Cottage is about 25% bigger and has some very interesting design features, including a large bottle-end panel, a "truth" panel, and cordwood walls. Either of these guesthouses is $45 USD per night (one or two people). New for 2012 is the Hermit's Hut, a single person guest house, very small, for one hermit (or hermette.) This one is $40/night. Minimum booking for any guesthouse is 2 nights. Beds have a bottom fitted sheet, pillows and pillow covers. Bring your own top bedding or sleeping bags (all guest houses.).  These guesthouses have kerosene lamps and candles for light. There is an outhouse, wash hand basin, solar shower and "Mess Hall" building (cordwood and screened) for cooking and eating. We do not offer camping, but there are campgrounds nearby. Call ahead at 518-493-7744 to confirm accommodation availability.  To avoid booking conflicts, accommodations must be fully paid in advance. No pets or kids, please. Click on Register for Workshops for availability.  See next entry for information about the new Stoneview guesthouse.

Stoneview Guesthouse
   Our octagonal guesthouse is called "Stoneview" because it overlooks the megaliths. This guesthouse is much larger than the others at about 320 SF of interior space, and can accommodate up to 4 people. There is an interior bathroom with shower, composting toilet and wash-hand basin. There are electric lights ... and a woodstove for heat, if needed. Stoneview features a lightweight living roof and lots of bottle-end design features. We think it is the most charming building on campus. With a minimum booking of two (2) nights, charge for Stoneview is:  One or two people: $60 per night total. Three people: $70 per night. Four people: $80 per night. There are two double beds. The building is suitable for a family of 3 or 4, or two couples.

Space for one RV
   We do not offer camping on site, due to a lack of sufficient sanitary facilities, but we do have space for one fully self-contained camper/RV at $20 USD per night, no hook-ups. Call 518-493-7744 to reserve this space. Water is available from the hand pump.

Other area accommodations
For other accommodations near Earthwood Building School, click on these links: campgrounds , B & B's, and motels.

How to Register
Registration for each workshop will be limited to the first 16 people. Payment: At least one half of the total workshop tuition must accompany the Pre-Registration application. The balance (if any) must be paid prior to the start of the workshop. Formal registration will take place at the classroom from 8:00 to 8:30 A.M. on the day of the workshop. A 50% deposit accompanying the Pre-Registration Form holds your place. If you have trouble registering, call us at 518-493-7744.

Cancellation refunds, less a $40 registration fee, will be made if you notify Rob or Jaki Roy at Earthwood Building School at least three (3) full weeks in advance of the workshop. Call 518-493-7744 for cancellations. Email cancellations are not accepted.

Included: Textbooks, Lunches, Gloves
Rob's Cordwood Building: The State of the Art is included in tuition for all Cordwood Workshops; Rob's new Earth-Sheltered Houses for the Earthwood Techniques (foundations and earth sheltering) workshops; and Timber Framing for the Rest of Us for the workshop of the same name on May 19-21, 2014 at Earthwood.  If you have already purchased the textbook from us, another book from our list of equal value may be substituted. Books are sent when you register, so that you can read them ahead of time, your homework assignment!  One textbook is supplied per couple. A "couple," for registration purposes, is defined as two people building together. At cordwood workshops, good quality rubber coated cloth gloves, excellent for cordwood masonry, are given to students at formal registration.  Lunches are supplied for all workshop dates.

Information Package
Upon receiving your Pre-Registration Form (click on Register for Workshops at top of page), we will send you a receipt acknowledging your registration, and an Info Package consisting of exact course schedules, and a detailed map.  (Tuition does not include accommodation.) For off-site accommodation information use these links: campgrounds, B & B's, and motels.

2014,  Earthwood Building School

2014 Earthwood Workshop Calendar:
West Chazy, NY and near Brunswick, Maine  (page updated July 22, 2014)
Straw Bale Cottage
La Casita
Mess Hall interior
Rob Roy tries out the Hermit's Hut, Cozy!
Hermit's Hut