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the virtual home for Earthwood Building School, accenting Cordwood masonry, Earth-Sheltered Housing and Timber Framing for the Rest of Us!  All under one roof:  a Living Roof!

Space has opened up for the July Cordwood Workweek, July 12-16, because the border with Canada is still closed.  Our September workshops are full at this time.  To check availability, call us at  518-578-2162.

Click on 2021 Workshops in the main menu above.  2021, will be our final season of workshops at Earthwood Building School in West Chazy, NY.  All workshops will be limited to 12 students. We will continue to provide books, videos, and plans through this website. Also, Rob and Jaki Roy are open to conducting cordwood workshops at other locations in North America and around the world by arrangement with organizers at least six months in advance of the desired workshop. Interested parties should email us at robandjaki(at)yahoo(dot)com.


Solar panels at Earthwood with old technology in the foreground and modern in the background

Ancient and modern solar technology at Earthwood: a megalithic stone circle in the foreground and photovoltaics in the background.

Earthwood Building School is in the northeastern foothills of New York’s Adirondacks, close to the Canadian border.  We’re an off-grid facility getting all of our electricity from solar energy. Over the years more photovoltaic panels have been added, the last  in November 2016.

Because Earthwood is in a reclaimed gravel pit the only viable option for a vegetable garden is raised bed gardening and we have found that ‘raised raised’ beds work really well for us. They help keep most animals out, and, most importantly, they’re great for your back! We have also experimented with hugelkultur, a mounded garden.

‘Raised Raised’ bed gardening

‘Raised Raised’ bed gardening

The Earthwood campus has a variety of cordwood masonry buildings which hundreds of students have helped to create.  They include four guesthouses, a bookstore/library, sauna, mess hall and garage.  All have living roofs.

Round Outbuildings

Round Outbuildings

Stoneview Guesthouse

Stoneview Guesthouse is an octagon.

In addition, various big stones have grown in numbers, some during Stone Circle Workshops. The stone circle is a gathering place for workshop introductions and evening socials where students can get better acquainted. A positive aspect of workshops is the feeling of support from other like-minded students. Cordwood building draws a special group of people!

The Stone Circle

Rob explains astronomical features of the Stone Circle


Earthwood Building School maintains a variety of pertinent books available for the owner builder, but it’s hard to compete with the big companies.  So …

Why order books and videos directly from Earthwood?

  1. Rob Roy’s books are signed by the author. Big deal. But see the next item.
  2. Roy’s Cordwood, Underground, Stone Circle and Timber Framing books are the textbooks for our workshops. If you purchase them from Earthwood – we know, because they’re signed – and then decide to take a workshop, you get a full deduction of the book cost from your registration.
  3. You help support small business instead of big business … so that we can stay in business!

Some Earthwood characters

The Gryphon Stone

The Gryphon Stone





Hermit's Head

Hermit’s Head


We have been teaching cordwood masonry, earth-sheltered housing, timber framing and megalithic stone building at Earthwood Building School – and around the world – since 1981

Rob and Jaki Roy

Earthwood Building School

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The Beauty of Cordwood Masonry Construction

Cordwood masonry construction is an inexpensive, sustainable way that anyone can use to build beautiful homes and more.

Cordwood Masonry Construction Workshops

Children, grandmothers and beavers can all build cordwood homes and so can you. We teach in the U.S. and internationally.

Earth-sheltered Housing and Living Roofs

Increase sustainability using earth's constant temperature and insulation value, and to lessen displacement of habitat!

2021 Workshops


Took the week long class, add 5 1/2 yrs building and now mortgage free. Love the house everyday. The roundness makes me feel more secure than any square or rectangular house I have ever been in. Thanks Rob and Jaki!

Barbara Pryor

My wife and I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Rob & Jaki Roy at their home in New York. They let us stay with them for an evening and it was wonderful. Their completed projects are a work of art and so are their books, which I had the pleasure of reading before meeting them! If you are looking for something different and inspirational for creative living, start here, you won't be disappointed!! 🙂

Erek Cyr

Rob and Jaki are both such friendly and knowledgeable people! I had the pleasure of doing the 5 day workshop and can't wait to start building my own cordwood cabin!

Carey Fiorello