Three Day Cordwood Masonry Workshop, May 28-30, 2021

Three Day Cordwood Masonry workshop. Morning sessions include cordwood theory, slide presentations, explanatory tours, and discussion of the three styles of cordwood construction: built-up corners (stackwall), round houses, and cordwood as infilling within a post-and-beam framework. The kinds of wood and how long to dry them is covered, as well as various alternative mortar mixes. Installing doors and windows is detailed, as is cordwood masonry building “special effects.” At Earthwood, students examine several different kinds of cordwood masonry buildings. Afternoons are reserved for practical, hands-on work sessions at our summer camp, Mushwood, a half-hour away. The project is a timber-framed cordwood storage building. This workshop gives the student a strong introduction to this ancient building technique. Textbook: Essential Cordwood Building, published December  2017.   One textbook is given per couple. (A “couple” is defined as two people on the same registration.)  Like all of our workshops, sessions are punctuated by Jaki’s excellent coffee and tea breaks!

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Downloadable Registration Form (May)

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Location: Earthwood Building School
Date: May 28, 2021
Duration: 3 Days
Single: $440
Couple: $700