Accommodations at Earthwood (No Longer Available)

Our Hermit’s Hut is truly a “tiny house,” built on a foundation just 8 feet square. With 8-inch cordwood walls, the actual area is just 43 SF, enough space for one hermit.

Accommodations at Earthwood (No Longer Available)

There are multiple options for accommodation at Earthwood workshops.

Accommodation in Earthwood’s Cordwood Village

La Casita, Straw Bale Cottage, Hermit’s Hut

There are four guesthouses at Earthwood. Cordwood Cabin (La Casita) is small, about 100 square feet of interior space, and features four of the world’s largest log-ends, at 52″ diameter. Straw Bale Cottage is about 25% bigger and has some very interesting design features, including a large bottle-end panel, a “truth” panel, and cordwood walls. Either of these guesthouses is $45 per night (one or two people). The Hermit’s Hut is a single person guest house, very small, for one hermit (or hermette.) This one is $40/night. Minimum booking for any guesthouse is 2 nights. Beds have a bottom fitted sheet, pillows and pillow covers. Bring your own top bedding or sleeping bags (all guest houses) and towels. These guesthouses have kerosene lamps and candles for light. There is an outhouse, wash hand basin, solar shower and “Mess Hall” building (screened cordwood masonry) for cooking and eating. We do not offer camping, but there are campgrounds nearby. Call ahead at 518-493-7744 to confirm accommodation availability. To avoid booking conflicts, accommodations must be fully paid in advance. No pets or kids, please. See next entry for information about the larger Stoneview Guesthouse.


Our octagonal guesthouse is called “Stoneview” because it overlooks the megaliths. This guesthouse is much larger than the others at about 260 SF of interior space, and can accommodate up to 4 people. There is an interior bathroom with shower, composting toilet and wash-hand basin. There are electric lights and a woodstove for heat. Stoneview features a lightweight living roof and lots of bottle-end design features. We think it is the most charming building on campus. With a minimum booking of two (2) nights, charge for Stoneview is: One or two people: $60 per night total. Three people: $70 per night. Four people: $80 per night. There are two double beds. The building is suitable for a family of 3 or 4, or two couples.

Space for one RV We do not offer camping on site, due to a lack of sufficient sanitary facilities, but we do have space for one fully self-contained camper/RV at $20 per night, no hook-ups. Call 518-493-7744 to reserve this space. Water is available from the hand pump.

Other Area Accommodations

For other accommodations near Earthwood Building School, click on these links: campgrounds , B & B’s, and motels.

Earthwood Accommodations