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Earthwood Building School offers books, videos and plans by us and others on subjects of interest to anyone whose goals are to build their own green shelter using natural materials or to live gracefully on the land in a self-reliant manner.

For descriptions, specifications and prices, simply hover on the book’s image and click on “Read More”. This will also take you to an “Add to Cart” button.

To order books through the mail, please see instructions at the bottom of this page.

Why order books and videos direct from Earthwood?

1. Rob Roy’s books are signed by the author.
2. You help support small business instead of big business … so that we can stay in business!

Ordering Books by Mail

Most people use our secure PayPal (or credit card) options on this page, but, if you want to mail us a check or money order, that’s okay, too. Just include with your check a list of the books or CDs that you want, with the cost amount for each, and add $4.50 for 1 book (or item), $7 for 2 books, $10 for 3 books, $12 for 4 books, and $14 for 5 or more books. For Priority Mail, the shipping charge is $9 for 1 book, $15 for 2 books, $18 for 3 books, $22 for 4 books and $25 for 5 or more books. . For Canadian orders, first class postage (best) is US$28 for one book (or item), US$37 for two, US$42 for 3, US$50 for 4 and US$62 for 5 or more. . For all other countries: US$32 per book (or item), US$38 for 2, US$48 for 3.  Please make check out to Earthwood and send to:

49 Drew Lane

Chateaugay, NY 12920.