This memoir is a story of passions, beginning with the painful unrequited ones of adolescence, and progressing through my adventures pursuing passions of a different kind, including:

Water skiing. Competitions took me all over the world and running my own ski school for four years financed the trips. In turn, this led to:

A deep love of travel. Two early 8-month treks from my youth changed my worldview. Later, other journeys – alone and with family – refined it further.

Jaki, my wonderful wife of 47 years.

Natural building, especially cordwood masonry and earth-sheltered housing.

Stone circles. A visit to Stonehenge at 19 led to a lifelong passion for moving and raising very large stones and more world travel.

We are the products of the people we have met, the places we have been, the books we have read, and ideas that we have encountered from other sources. Truth, then, is both personal – and transient – as related in my memoir.